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    Upcoming Events


    "World History and the "Seductions of Quantification" - a View from Southeast Asia," Keynote lecture for the 15th Graduate Student Conference on Southeast Asia, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Jul 24, 2020


    Invited Talks


    “Wild and Rewild: The Asian Elephant and the Rhetoric of Invasion,”

    Workshop on Invasive Ecologies, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Feb 20, 2020


    “Religion and Animal Modernity in Malaya,” Lecture, International Institute of Asian Studies, Leiden University, the Netherlands, Mar 17, 2019


    "The Colonization of Elephants in Malaya," Seminar in Global and Imperial History, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, Feb 8, 2019


    “Camphor, Celluloid and Colonial-Indigenous Encounters: Dutch East Indies and Colonial Taiwan in Comparative Perspective,” Seminar in the International History of East Asia, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, Feb 4, 2019


    "The Toba Super-catastrophe as the History of a Future," Ronald and Janette Gatty Lecture Series, Cornell University, Oct 18, 2018


    "Spiritual Anthropocene: Rethinking Religious and Environmental Change in the Malay World during the Long 19th Century." Workshop on Southeast Asian Natures, University of California (Riverside), Mar 14, 2018


    Papers Presented


    “Krakatau’s ‘Vibrating String’: Energy Anxieties in the Anthropocene,” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Boston, Mar 20, 2020 (canceled due to Covid-19)


    “Healing Elephants in Malaya and Burma,” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Utrecht, the Netherlands, July 27, 2019


    "Spirit Mediums and the Harvesting of Camphor," Conference on 'The Wood Age in Comparative Perspective,' Yale University, Sep 21-24, 2018


    "Mapping Millenarianism in the Sumatran Uplands," Association of Asian Studies Conference in Asia, New Delhi, Jul 4-7, 2018


    "Rural-Urban Dynamics in the Making of a Sumatran Forest Periphery," Association of Asian Studies Annual Conference, Washington DC, Mar 22-25, 2018


    "Charismatic Mega-fauna and the Concept of Wellness in Nineteenth Century Malayan Manuscripts," American Society for Environmental History Conference, Riverside CA, Mar 19-21, 2018


    “Genealogy as Historical Right in the Bataklands and its Malayan Diaspora,” Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Toronto, Mar 16-19, 2018


    “Migrating Remedies and Healing the Malay Body in 1930s British Malaya,”

    Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Feb 21, 2017


    "From Mining to Healing: Chinese Traditional Medicine and the Malay Family in the 1930s," Symposium on Regulating Intimacy, Indiana University, Bloomington, Sep 25, 2015


    "Stories We Tell Ourselves: Writing a History of Batak Peoples from Narrative Sources," European Association for Southeast Asian Studies Conference, Vienna, Austria, Aug 3, 2015


    “Consumption and Muslim Boundaries in Republican China, 1920-1949,” Symposium on Expanding East Asia, McGill University, Apr 20-21, 2014


    “New Questions and Sources in Southeast Asian Environmental History,” 15th Northeastern Conference on Southeast Asian Studies, Cornell University, Feb 24, 2014


    Malayu Imaginings of Rum and the Early Modern Ottoman Empire,” New Research in Southeast Asian History, Yale University, 13 Oct, 2013.


    “Lived Experiences around the Slopes of Mount Merapi, 1814 to 2010,” 10th Northeastern Conference on Indonesia, Yale University, Mar 30, 2013


    “Empire State of the Mind: Rum in 17th Century Aceh and Malacca,” 5th International Indonesia Forum, Gadjah Madah University, Jul 17-21, 2012


    “Between Killings and Detentions in the Aftermath of Gerakan 30 September,” 8th Northeastern Conference on Indonesia, Yale University, Mar 27, 2012




    “Why Asian Environmental History Matters,” Roundtable Discussant, Yale-NUS College, 20 Feb 2020 (upcoming)


    “Human Rights, Social Protection and Social Policy in Asia,” International Convention of Asian Scholars (ICAS), 17 Jul 2019


    “Jokonomics Across the Archipelago: Lived Economies of Indonesia,” 18th Northeast Conference on Indonesia, Cornell University, 24 Mar 2018


    “Religion and Public Policy in Southeast Asia,” Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies and Yale Council for Southeast Asian Studies Symposium, 20 Sep 2017


    "Women's Eyes on All Issues: On Indonesia," Yale Indonesia Forum-Cornell Indonesia Association Conference, 23 Apr 2016


    “Environmental Rule in Vietnam and Beyond,” Yale Program in Agrarian Studies Colloquium, 3 Oct 2016


    “Re-imagining Indonesia: Ideals, Actions, Challenges,” Yale Indonesia Forum Spring Workshop, Yale University, 19 Apr 2015


    “Colonial Migration and the Origins of Governance: Theory and Evidence from Java,” Macmillan Center Comparative Politics Workshop, Yale University, 25 Mar 2012